Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday gifts on a budget....

This time of year, you can find "gifts for under $$$" lists in pretty much every magazine. There are sporty lists, eco-friendly lists, this-gift-looks-expensive-but-it's-actually-pretty-cheap lists... you name it there's a list for it, all in the name of helping you with your holiday shopping.

I, personally, do not use these lists. I do, however, look at them because they occupy every third page of the magazines I read. I figure, why fight it??? Just look at the list...

Today, I was reading a rather popular blog and came across a Holiday Shopping Guide for Gifts Under $100. I figured, what the hay... let's check out the guide and see what they suggest. Many of the gifts were cute... lamps, shoes, the usual gift guide options.... and then I came across a gift that had me a little puzzled.

A napkin ring.

Now, I am not normally puzzled by napkin rings. I understand their function. Heck, I even own a few... four to be exact. It was not the napkin ring itself, that had me puzzled. It was the fact that someone thought to put it in this guide that left me a little confused.

The guide is for gifts that are under $100, so technically the napkin ring can be on the list since it is priced at $75. But it's ONE napkin ring at $75.... when was the last time you gifted someone ONE napkin ring???

You probably haven't.

Know why?

Beacuse napkin rings are given as a set... Sometimes four, maybe six, often 8 for larger table settings. You simply don't buy one napkin ring, wrap it, and say "Merry Christmas... Hope somebody gets you the other three!" It's just not done.

Only after my mini-rant was complete, was I able to focus on the price. $75 for ONE napkin ring?!?!?! My first thought was..."you do realize this is a ring for your napkin and not your finger, right?" No wonder you're only buying one, you'd go broke buying all four. That's $300 on napkin rings.

$300 for napkin rings?!?! Geez Louise, how much did you spend on your napkins?!?! They must be pretty fancy to warrant $300 napkin rings.

Maybe I'm too old fashioned, or just flat out cheap... but I am not spending that much money on a napkin ring... or four. I am perfectly happy using my cheap-o napkin rings or *gasp* folding my napkins and laying them flat.

This is the reason I don't like to look at the gift guides in the first place... there is always some random gift that doesn't belong. An item that's sole purpose is to mcok you from its place on the glossy page or just behind the glare on your computer screen... To this gift, and its parent gift guide, I say...."My friends don't want napkins rings as a gift anyway!!!"


The BIG Announcement...

Yesterday I tweeted that I had a big announcement to make, and then I got busy and didn't make the announcement.

So, here it is. The BIG announcement.

I'm shutting down Paputsi.

Not permanently, of course, just until February. I know, it's crazy to shut down the shop during the holiday rush, but I need the break. Lots of things are changing in my life right now. I have way to many balls in the air at the moment. So, I've decided it would be best to shut down the shop for a bit, and focus on getting all of my other ducks in a row.

I've been so bogged down with what I "have" to do to survive, that I haven't been able do enjoy the things I want to do. I want Paputsi to be successful, but recently, it has been placed on the "have to do" list, and I have begun to shy away from it. This past month, I only went into my sewing room twice....


That's crazy! I used to go in there everyday. Even if I didn't sew, I did something. Not in Novemebr though.... twice, that's it. When I realized this, I took a long loo at everything in my life... work, friends, family... everything. Something needed to change.

I have made many changes... from switching jobs to cutting out toxic individuals. One of those changes included temporairly closing Paputsi. For the next 2 months, I am not sewing with deadlines in mind. (other than Christmas gifts, of course) I am creating for fun. Making things I've always wanted to, but never got around to. I'll be painting and drawing more.

When Paputsi opens back up in February, it will be with fresh new products... and a new look.

I will continue to blog during my hiatus.... I will keep you all posted on the progress I am making with all of these exciting changes.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Crafty Holiday...

Angela Flicker over at The Artists' House, has come up with a wonderful way to spread the word about buying handmade this holiday season. For the Crafty Holiday Blog Hop, a group of bloggers are all writing about why we buy handmade for the holidays, as well as showing a few handmade items we are cosidering buying or are hoping to recieve. Pretty genius, huh?!?!

I try to buy as many handmade gifts as possible during the holidays, as well as for family and friend's birthdays and special occasions. I like knowing that the gifts are unique, well crafted and made by a real person who's put as much love into his/her products as I put into mine.

This year I will be getting my Christmas cards as well as gifts for my family and friends from etsy.... here are a few gifts I'm considering as well as a little wish list of things I'd like. :-)

Christmas Cards...

1. Winter in the Little Forest by Stephanie Fizer
2. Deck the Halls Ornament Girls by Mew paper Arts
3. A Very Retro Holiday by C Designs and Illustrations

Gifts for Family and Friends...
1. Steampunk Cufflinks by emdesigns
2. Mix Tape Pillow by Diffraction Fiber
3. Good Housekeeping Half Apron by The Kitchen Roost
4. Black Pin Stripe Wool Loop Scarf by Out of Line

My Wishlist....

1. Little Winged Owl Locket by Ruby Ann Designs
2. Suede Leather Wrap Bracelet by Spiffing Jewlery
3. Vintage Pyrex Gold butterfly Mugs by Peculiar Momma

Make sure you check out tomorrow's post with k o'brien jewlery. If you missed yesterday's post with prim and propah, you can find it here.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Coming soon....

... to the Etsy shop.The "Melissa" Baby Blanket

Isn't it cute? I'm hoping to get it posted in the shop by this evening. Right now I am off to plan and set up my Boot Camp class for this evening. Last weeks class was pretty tough, so I need to bring it this week!



Friday, October 29, 2010

Going Green???

Everywhere you look, there are articles and commercials and documentaries on going green... 101 ways to reduce your carbon footprint. I've always been interested in living a greener, cleaner life, but never knew where to start. Buying a hybrid vehicle, replacing all of the windows in my home and replacing my old school water heater with a tankless one sounds great, but I can not afford those ancy world saving improvemnets! I decided that I would start with something that is small, doable and that won't break the bank....

I am no longer buying bottled water!

Normally I buy a case of bottled water for home and bring a bottle to work everyday. On the days I'd forget to bring water, I'd buy one (or two) at work. Now I use my Brita filter to fill my Nalgene bottle everyday before going to work, and I drink filtered water at home instead of bottled water.

One small step for me.... one large step for the enviornment!!! (I know, I know it's corny.... )

So that's my little conribution for now... Not the biggest contribution, but I'm trying.

Next up.... Bringing my own shopping bags to the store. I've done it once so far. I felt so enviornmentally responsible!!! (is there such a thing as enviornmentally responsible?)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I created my Facebook Fan page today. If you follow me on twitter, you know that it was not without a few bumps in the road... but now it is finally complete.

I put a facebook "like" box on the side of the blog, so feel free to "like" me. :-)

Next up.... figuring out how to make a button that other people can take from this blog and put on their blog...

One day... hopefully soon, I will have tamed this social media beast. For now, I am proud of my self for not giving up and continuing to work on it, when what i really wanted to do was throw my computer through a window...


Saturday, October 16, 2010

I can post!!!

My blog has be a little out of whack lately... I couldn't post, or edit. It seems now though that eveything is fine.

I was even able to fix the "Blogs I like..." section. The buttons were all whack-a-doodle, and now they are in a straight line.... like little ducks in a row!


yellow songbird

I stumbled across the blog, Yellow Songbird about a month or so ago, and I immediately fell in love! Kim Davis (pictured left, in her own design), is the fabulous lady behind Yellow Songbird.... Her blog is fun to read, with great pictures, tutorials, artist/crafter features, items from her oh sweet joy shop (currently on hiatus) and tidbits about her life. Kim and her husband moved from the US to a tiny island, far, far away recently. She frequently updates her blog with photos of the island and snipitts on the interesting yet challenging aspects of island life. I am most amused by the tales of the scarcity of lettuce and cheese....

If you haven't checked out the blog... you should do so.... now. (well, after you finish reading this post)
oh sweet joy headband

oh sweet joy clutch

Here are a few random bits o' information about Kim...

Favorite Color- This is the one question I can answer without hesitation. Robin's Egg Blue. :)

Favorite Food - (she had 6 answers to this one... A girl after my own heart!)- Unhealthy// 3 way tie between :My Memaw's chicken fried steak and mashed potatos, mom's homeade fried tacos, anything I can load onto my tray at Rudy's BBQ. Healthy// 3way tie between: hard boiled eggs, spinach salad with walnuts, strawberries, feta and balsamic vinairgrette, aaand fruit. I love fruit. I know I'm a total cheater when I say three way tie on questions. I do it so thatI can give more than one answer. hello, indecisiveness.

Favorite City - I loved every second in Seattle, so I am going to go with that. So much good shopping, fresh seafood, culture, (rain), and life pouring out of that city! Not to mention, that Pike's market is just too much to handle . Beautiful flowers and flying fish? I'm in.

Favorite thing to make - I honestly love to make anything... food, crafts, clothing home decor, cupcakes, etc. i think it's in my DNA to create/make. However, I get the most gratification out of making clothing/apparel for myself... and when I see my designs on other people I get absolutely giddy.

Kim is doing a HUGE giveaway on her blog, right now (including a super cute giveaway from your truely!!!).... Scoot on over and enter them all!!! You have until Sunday night (10/17) to enter. The winner will be announced on the 18th!!!

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely weekend!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Shop Update!!!

I just listed three new bib and burps cloth sets in the shop!

Emiline Bib and Burp Cloth Set

Madison Bib and Burp Cloth Set

Melissa Bib and Burp Cloth Set

I hope you like them as much as I do!
Blog posts on working with my marketing guru, a giveaway, and my attempts at going green to come!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm a genius!

Maybe "genius" is a bit of a stretch.... but I am very proud of my latest accomplishment...

I am in the process of switching to a different server. There was a slight glitch with the domain/host/server thingy (I am not going to pretend that I know all of the proper terms.... I'm trying and that's what counts), and my email was lost. The entire address... was no more.

I was, in a word, devastated.

The first thing I do when I wake up is reach for the Blackberry and check my email. Throughout the day, I am constantly sending emails, replying to emails, checking past emails for instructions on projects or driving directions. Before I go to bed I email myself things I need to do first thing in the morning... as I do not trust myself to remember something I thought of right before falling asleep.

After 3 days of being out of touch, and having to send my personal email to various contacts so that I could conduct business while I sorted everything out, I was finally able to get my email adress to work. I was overjoyed. There was only one little problem... I couldn't get it to connect to Microsoft Outlook. So after calling a friend of mine and having the tech support guy in his office walk me through setting it up... it still didn't work. I read and re-read the "email set-up" tutorial, and finally, I was able to send email... I just couldn't receive them. More reading and re-reading of tutorials followed and, alas, I was able to recieve them. When the problem was resolved I had 11 messages from my friend who dutifully responded to every email I sent saying "respond if you get this..."

It took a while but I can now send and recieve email both from my computer and my phone!

I am incrediblly proud of myself. I kept tinkering until I got it to work. I have no idea what half of the numbers that I typed into various fields mean.... but they worked. I can only hope that they work tomorrow as well!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Glimpse of the gifts...

Here is a little glimpse at the gifts for my cousin Kellie's little girl Josie and my friend Nadia's little boy Colin Luke...

Colin Luke

I love the felt "C" on Colin's bib! The red circle monogram works perfectly with the dots in the pattern. I couldn't be happier with it. :-) He also has a green blue and cream bib and burp cloth set... but since I've pictured that one a bunch on here, I didn't think I needed to put another picture up.
Josie's set does not photograph well at all.... either that or I am a crappy photographer... the pink and green paisley is so delicious in person, and the whale has the cutest little water spout, and you can't see it at all in the pic :-(
I hope everyone enjoys their gifts. I certainly enjoyed making them.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Progress... and a confession.

My last post was all about the list of things that I needed to complete Sunday night.

My confession is, that I didn't finish everything.... but I did make some progress...

*I walked the dogs.
*I planned Angela and Nadia's gifts. Although I changed my mind about Angela's gift yesterday and had to go back to the drawing board. I have settled on a gift now, and it will be finished tonight and ready to ship tomorrow morning.
*Josie and Emily are getting wrapped up to be shipped tomorrow with Angela's gift.
* I did not print off the Snow Mum pillow pattern - but only because I think I want to make a different pillow... decisions, decisions.
* I also did not fold the laundry.... but I did wash two more loads so the pile that needs to be folded is now that much higher. I should get points for at least washing the clothes, right???
* and finally..... Fabric Mountain has gone from this...

to this.....


Sunday, September 19, 2010


...well, "tonight" would be more accurate...

I have a TON of stuff to finish tonight... a TON.... I figured I'd be more likely to get it finished if I posted my to do list here. This doesn't always work, because if I don't get it done I just write a post saying.... "it's still not finished...." or I just don't write about it at all, and pretend that I did finish and that there are not heaps of fabric in my sewing room waiting to be turned into something fabulous.

Sooooo.... with that said. I need to...

Iron the fabric mountain. ( I know I said I was doing that days ago.... don't judge me :-)
Finish "Josie" and "Emily" (See statement in parenthases above)
Print "Snow Mum" pillow pattern
Plan gift for Angela
Plan gift for Nadia
Walk dogs
Fold laundry
Sweep patio

Geez Louise that seems like a lot to get done tonight..... (I think I can, I think I can.....)

I'll post on my progress tomorrow.

Wish me luck

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I am so excited I can barely sit still long enough to type this...

Here is why I am beyond giddy....

My favorite author is Jen Lancaster. She writes hilarious memoirs... "Bitter is the New Black", "Bright Lights Big Ass", "Pretty is the New Plaid" and "My Fair Lazy". She also has an ultra funny blog. She's a hoot.... HI-larious.... In short I love her, and secretly we are best friends. In her books she writes about her husband, Fletch, dogs, Masiey and Loki, and her cats... the only cat's name I can remember off hand is Chuck Norris... and the crazy goings-on of their everyday life...

I read her latest book, "My Fair Lazy", whilst recovering from abdominal surgery. It kept me thoroughly entertained and more it than helped to pass the time. I had to keep a pillow handy to press on my stomach while convulsing into fits of laughter.

In the book she writes about her new found love of the pinapple soda found at the cuban market near her home in Chicago. She asks her husband, Fletch, why we don't have any in America, as it is a delicious invention.... A normal person may have read this... and just continued on with the story... but I am no normal person!! especially when hopped on on pain meds! I immediately thought.. "I must write her at once, to inform her of the wonders of Pinapple Big Shot!" For those of you in the New Orleans area, you know all about Pinapple Big Shot. If you live in New Orleans and you haven't heard of it, then you're not from here. If you have heard of it and don't like it, then you have to move. Period. Pinapple Big Shot is a pinapple flavored soft drink (New Orleans for soda), and it is, in a word.... fabulous. Nothing makes me happier than a Hot Sausage po-boy (with Cheese) and a pinapple Big Shot.

Back to the story.....

I, in all of my medicated glory, took to my laptop, to write my favorite author about the glory of Pinapple Big Shot, in an email entitled..."Pinapple Soda..... Not just for Cubans anymore" (I warned you... I was loaded) The email went on to say how fabulous the drink is, and that I am a huge fan, and was reading her book while recovering from surgery.... It was a cute little email complete with good information, and lots of spelling and grammatical errors. I did have the wherewithall (is that a real word? should it be hypenated? it seems awfully long...) to warn her that I had just taken my pain meds and to please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors....

I sent the email in late May......

and today.....


I don't care that it's 3.5 months later, that's not the point people... She's a super busy fabulous author/secret best friend... she could have responded next year and I'd be just as excited!!!!!

I am off to do a little happy dance and call/text all of my friends and tell them that Jen Lancaster emailed me!!!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sneak Peak!

Two of my cousins, Joseph and Kellie, each had babies... Emily (Joseph) and Josie (Kellie). So of course I had to make them something super cute and adorable!

Here's a quick sneak peak at their gifts. I'm not saying what they are yet...... but obviously it has something to do with their initials!

until tomorrow


Friday, September 10, 2010

Fabric Mountain

This is the mountain of fabric waiting to be ironed..... and folded.... and turned into something cute!
~until tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Adventures in advertising...

I have just entered into my first advertising venture. I have a tiny spot on the blog "Going Home to Roost".

PhotoAlign Center Courtesy of Going Home to Roost

Bonnie, at GHTR, has created a wonderful blog with tons of info on the handmade life... great articles on ways to go green, gardening tips, diy projects, receipes and business tips for indie biz owners like myself. It's an all around great blog, written by an all around great gal! (and she has a super cute dog named Toaster, who if she lived closer, would make a fabulous friend for Abby and Lola :-)

Hop on over and check out her blog!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Isn't she cute???

Look at that face.... Isn't she adorable??

That is.... until she eats your running shoes...

until tomorrow

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

This weekend is going to be a productive, yet relaxing one for me. I haven't been feeling well lately; horrible headaches have sidelined me for much of the month... I recently found out there's not much I can do about them, I just have to push through the pain. With that said, I am going to us the next two days to catch up on some much needed rest, and get a few things done around the house and in the studio.

Better blog post tomorrow... complete with pictures!!!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Burp cloth love.... and other Sunday happenings.

Good morning!

In an effort to expand my little business, I had a chat with my friend Emily about the set of burp cloths I'd just given her for her adorable little boy, Luke. I am always curious if moms find my products useful as well as pretty. I was overjoyed when she said she used my burp cloths more than any of her others, because they are more absorbent. She also went on to say that she uses them for more than just burp cloths.... she lines her Nap Nanny with them, uses them with the carseat, etc.... and then she said "...and they're cuter than my other ones" :-)

I was beyond happy!!

It is my goal to make a good, useful product... not just something that cute. Often I'll see really attractive burp cloths on Etsy, and I'd wonder how they managed to sell them so cheaply... after reading the descriptions I realized that they were only made with two layers. The front cotton layer and the back layer, usually minky or chenielle. My burp cloths have the same front and back as the others, but they aslo contain a middle layer of cotton flannel. This layer makes them more absorbent, and apparently, according to Emily, makes them comfortable to lay on too!

Luke's Burp Cloths

In other news..... my mom's birthday is coming up, and I have no idea what to get her.... none. Not even a tiny clue.... she's incredibly hard to shop for. She wants nothing. you ask her what she'd like... the reply is always "nothing".... I'd ike to make her something, I'm just not sure what. I could bake cookies, and ship them to her, or send her something found on Etsy... I have about a week to come up with something. No pressure.

Also on tap for this week.... 3 baby gifts need to ship out. 2 of my cousins had baby girls (Josie and Emily), and my college roomate, Nadia, had a baby boy, Collin, recently. Most of the gifts have been cut out and pieced together, and are now waiting to be sewn.

It has been raining here all weekend, and the dogs are driving me insane. Not nearly enough "outside" time to help them burn off some energy. As I'm typing this, there is the tiniest ray of sunlight peeking through the clouds. Crossing my fingers that by the time I get home the sun will be shinning and I can take the little monsters on a loooong walk, and just maybe, that will deter them from turning my living room into a race track....

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A glimpse into my life...

Ever wanted something so badly that you could close your eyes and see every detail of it? Or to steal a phrase from my mom, wanted it so badly that you could taste it? That's how I feel about Paputsi. I can sit down and tell you in great detail where I would like to be in five years. What products I'd like to sell. How I'd like them produced and where. I can describe it in such detail that you'd be able to taste it.

So what's the problem???

I'm the only one who believes in it. Well that's not completely true; I do have a few friends who believe in my vision and talent. But the people closest to me, think this should just be a hobby. That I'm wasting my time trying to grow Paputsi into a "real" company. Some people would take this lack of support, turn it on its heels and work even harder to become successful. I am having trouble with that part. Throughout my life I've always just gone with the flow. If my needs did not get meet... no worries, it woud happen sooner or later. I have spent much of my life doing something I didn't want to do because someone else thought it was best for me. If you were to meet me, you might be shocked by this. I am a pretty independent and strong individual... who on the surface looks like she goes for what she wants. The truth is, I do go after what I want... until someone, a major someone, discourages me. I fight back for awhile and then give in, thinking... no worries, it'll happen eventually.

I am ready for that to change. It won't happen eventually. People are always going to discourage you... mostly out of their own fear. So today, Wednesday August 25th, I am changing my outlook. I can not make the discouraging, unsuppportive people disappear, I can only disregard their negative words. I can not make my dream company appear out of thin air, but I can set realistic goals, and work everyday to turn my dreams into a reality. I don't have to let my day job (and career that everyone seems to think I should concentrate solely on) interfere with reaching my goals. I don't have to sacrifice one for the other. I can successfully do both. Some things wll have to shift, in order to accomplish that, but it can be done.

This post is the first of many changes, and in an attempt to hold myself accountable, I am posting those changes here.

~ Everyday I will work on a Paputsi related project for 2 hours.
~ I will blog at least 3 times a week. Blog posts need to contain more substance. Gone are the "here's what I listed... and that is all" posts. The posts should be interesting, visually stimulating and fun to read.
~ I will take better pictures... or better yet, learn more about photography so I can take better pictures. I would also like to take more pictures of everyday life. I am always envious of people who have wonderful pictures on their blog of what they did that day, or their garden.....
~ And of course I will continue to tweet about what's happening in my day.

I think that list is a good one to start with. Realistic, attainable goals. Of course, I will adjust as time goes on.... but this is where I will start. And I will start today.


Monday, August 16, 2010

New tags....

I have been working on updating Paputsi... Steamlining the logo, updating prints, offering new products, etc... Here's one thing I have completed in this transformation.

New product tags!
Old tags......

New tags!!!!!

I hope you like them as much as I do!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shop update!!!

So... I have been super busy at work (more on that in a later post), but I did manage to update the shop with the " Dragonfly" blanket tonight. In my last post I showed you all the three things that need to go in the store.... one out of three isn't bad... right??

Next week I'm working on a few gifts for family and friends who just had adorable little babies. Those will be posted as soon as they get done. Until then..... enjoy the upcoming weekend! :-)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack!!!!

....and I have new stuff!!!

All of these will be posted in the shop tonight..... Who am I kidding? This is me we're talking about..... They'll be posted tomorrow. I get off from my "real" job late tonight, and there is no way I'll be able to update the shop tonight. I am trying to set boundaries and realistic goals so that both of my businesses (is that a word) will be successful. It is proving to be a bit of a challenge.... to say the least. I'll do a little post soon, with more info about me, my "real" job, my life, etc soon....

till tomorrow....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sneak Peak!

I have accomplished two of my goals for the week. Both the bib and burp cloth set, as well as the burp colth set are finished!. I took pics of both, but when I went to edit them I realized that the photos of the bib and burp set were horrible. The set was made as a gift for a lovely friend of mine who is due at the end of July, and by the time I realized how terrible the pics were, the set had aready been wrapped for her. Below is a little collage of the burp cloth set.
I am still learning how to use my photo editing software... It's a slow process. I think I am getting a little better at making collages. I can't seem to get the sizing right. I will keep plugging away until I get it. Until then.... here's my collage....
It's kind of blurry, but I warned you... I am no good at collage making. At least not yet. :-)
This set will be posted in the shop by tomorrow... Friday at the latest.

Oh..... I have abandoned the no caps whilst typing.... at least for now.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shop update and goals for the week....

It's been awhile since I've blogged.... Life just sort of got in the way.

I think... I know, that I am back on track. More blogging and sewing to come.

This week, I have to...

* finish a new bib and burp cloth set
* finish new burp cloth set
* figure out what to make with super cute new fabric i just found at hobby lobby

here's the new listing i recently posted in the shop. a custom order for the "elephants on parade" set, but in the "margot" fabric. i iked it so much i'm offering it in the shop.

* about halfway through this post i decided to stop using caps at the begining of sentences and for proper nouns. i think i like it.... but the jury's still out.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

International Shipping!

I now offer international shipping!

All of the items in the shop have been updated to reflect the change.

Happy shopping!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What can I say???... I've been busy....

It has been entirely to long since I have posted something... anything on my lovely little blog.

I have been insanely busy, sewing for my very good friends wedding, sewing for another friends pageant that benefits the ACS, and sewing for another friends clothing company.... I'll post pics and more info on these projects in the near future....

I promise. :-)

Monday, March 8, 2010

This just in.....

New bib and burp cloth set going into the shop today. Isn't it just too cute? Reminds me of a cute little boy dressed up for Easter. Love it! :-)

This is the first set in the new spring line. I am hoping to have all of the items posted in the shop by the end of the week. There will be fun fabrics, new designs and even a few new products. I am very excited about these new additions. Now I just have to find the time to finish them!

Hope you like them too!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hand written notes and free stuff....

On all of the blogs I read, at some point the blogger writes about what you should include with the orders you ship out. Some of the suggestions are thank you notes, invoices, business cards, freebies.... just to name a few. Below is a picture of what I include with my purchases.

A hand written thank you note
sample of Arbonne baby product
a business card.

Monday, February 8, 2010


The SAINTS won the SUPER BOWL!!!!!
Enough said.....

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Today is the day!!! The SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!

Geaux Saints!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Holy felt!!!!

I am in love..... with felt!

This Christmas I made stockings for Abby, Lola and myself out of felt. I'd heard great things about working with felt, how it didn't fray and was easy to manipulate, but I was hesitant to try it. I get like that from time to time, hesitant to try a new technique or work with a new fabric for no reason other than..... what if I suck at it??? This Christmas I bit the bullet and decided to make stockings out of felt and I looooooved it!

Here are the stocking hung on my bookcase. (I don't have a fireplace) Mine is in the middle, obviously. My favorite is Abby's. I love how the "a" came out with the circles around it.

I can't wait to make more goodies with felt. I have a list of pillows I'd like to make for around the house. As soon as I make them I'll post pics. Of course I am horrible at making the time to make things for myself, so I can't guarantee they'll be done soon.... but I am trying to get better about that. :-)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Featured in a Treasury!

Etsy :: Treasury West List

I woke up afew days ago, to a lovely email saying that I was featured in a Treasury!!!

This is my first time being featured. I'm tickled pink!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Oh, what a beautiful Sunday. The sun is finally shining, the rain has stopped and the Saints won the playoff game yesterday!!!!!! Geaux Saints!

Today, whilst searching blog land I found a tutorial for pocket baby bibs here, on The Prudent Baby. I think I may try making these for the shop. I haven't tried it out yet, I may tweak it a bit.... put my own little thumbprint on it.

My mom is in town this weekend, so I'll be hanging with her a bit, sneaking in sewing and cleaning the house when I can.
I am planning on doing a few new things with the blog soon.... I am still ironing out a few kinks, but hopefully this week will bring new and exciting features for the blog!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh my!!!!

I have recently begun roaming around blog land looking for inspiration from other like minded crafters. Who knew there was so much out there! You find one blog....fall in love...see a cool link to another blog... fall in love with that one... rinse, repeat!

I could spend all day looking at these fabulous blogs. How does anyone get stuff done with so much to look at!

So far some of my favorites so far are....
(in no particular order)

Oh, the list could go on forever! Not only do they have wonderful projects for you to complete, but you also get a little glimpse into their world. I don't know about you, but it inspires me to work harder, be more creative, and to put myself out there more.

Here's a tutorial from The Purl Bee for these fabulous felt pillows!

I can not wait to try to make these!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today is....

a good day!

The sun is shining, people are smiling....

I have had a wonderful morning, and I am hoping the rest of the day will be the same.

I wish you all happiness and sunshine today!

till tomorrow.....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

What I'm working now.....

Well folks, now that the holidays are over it's time to shift gears in my little shop. I am considering making a few Valentine's items. I have one design nestled in my brain, itching to get out. Hopefully, I'll have a chance to create something this weekend.

The little monsters, (Abby and Lola) have been keeping me busy... The temperature dropped her recently, and they have been going nuts running around the house. My house has an open floor plan, which pretty much makes one giant circle, perfect for two active dogs to run laps.... and thats exactly what they do. They steal each others toys, and then chase each other.

All. Day. Long.

Here they are in action.... Why play with a toy when they can steal my sock?????

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shop update!!!

The "Hudson" Baby Blanket
The "Happy Flower" Bib

Both of these will be available in the shop tonight. Aren't they too cute? The Hudson blanket has a matching bib, that hopfully will be listed tomorrow or Thursday.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

This year has been an eventful one for me. Full of surprises.... some good, some not so good.

I opened the cart in the Riverwalk.
Learned countless songs about fudge.
Started wholesaling to stores.
Closed the cart in the Riverwalk.
Made friends.
Lost friends.
Participated in a craft fair.
Took care of my grandparents.
Put Paputsi on hold to care for my terminal grandmother.
Lost my one of my grandmothers to ovarian cancer.
Moved into a new (and larger) sewing studio.
Started Paputsi again.

Yes, last year had lots of ups and downs. For a very brief moment I was discouraged about all of the "downs" that I experienced, but then I realized that I made it through each and every one of them, and I am stronger for it.

I have big goals for 2010..... I plan on taking Paputsi to new places. New lines for baby, and branching into nursery decor. So often I get caught up in what I want to make, and if I can make it..... that I never actually make these wonderful new things floating around in my head. This year that stops. I have the cutest idea for shoes... and I have had this idea/plan for months now. Time to make shoes... and all of the other items trapped in my brain!

I recently learned how to make picture collages in Picasa... so watch out for collages gallore! I have already sent several to friends, and I am prety sure they think that I am nuts!

Here is my Paputsi - 2009 Collage, with random shots of things I have made, or things I have done in the past year. I even managed to find a pic in the old studio and one in the new studio - I had to include that in there!

You can tell by how blurry it is that I'm still learning!

Product Review and Giveaway!

Kasey at Design for Baby is featuring product review and giveaway of a Paputsi blanket!

The Dottie blanket will be given away to a lucky reader. Go to Design for Baby, and follow the instrutions posted to participate in the giveaway.

Good Luck!

Kasey did a review of the Cowboy blanket, backed with navy blue minky. Both she and her son loved it! I am very glad that they liked it as this was my first time offering the blanket with a navy blue back. The original blanket, with the pastel yellow minky back, can still be purchased. Check out what she had to say, here.