Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Crafty Holiday...

Angela Flicker over at The Artists' House, has come up with a wonderful way to spread the word about buying handmade this holiday season. For the Crafty Holiday Blog Hop, a group of bloggers are all writing about why we buy handmade for the holidays, as well as showing a few handmade items we are cosidering buying or are hoping to recieve. Pretty genius, huh?!?!

I try to buy as many handmade gifts as possible during the holidays, as well as for family and friend's birthdays and special occasions. I like knowing that the gifts are unique, well crafted and made by a real person who's put as much love into his/her products as I put into mine.

This year I will be getting my Christmas cards as well as gifts for my family and friends from etsy.... here are a few gifts I'm considering as well as a little wish list of things I'd like. :-)

Christmas Cards...

1. Winter in the Little Forest by Stephanie Fizer
2. Deck the Halls Ornament Girls by Mew paper Arts
3. A Very Retro Holiday by C Designs and Illustrations

Gifts for Family and Friends...
1. Steampunk Cufflinks by emdesigns
2. Mix Tape Pillow by Diffraction Fiber
3. Good Housekeeping Half Apron by The Kitchen Roost
4. Black Pin Stripe Wool Loop Scarf by Out of Line

My Wishlist....

1. Little Winged Owl Locket by Ruby Ann Designs
2. Suede Leather Wrap Bracelet by Spiffing Jewlery
3. Vintage Pyrex Gold butterfly Mugs by Peculiar Momma

Make sure you check out tomorrow's post with k o'brien jewlery. If you missed yesterday's post with prim and propah, you can find it here.



  1. Those cuff-links and that locket necklace are lovely. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing this lovely list. Go handmade :)

  2. Hi, Lyndsay! Lovely list. I really like the cards.

    I had to mention that I grew up with the gold butterfly dishes. :-)

  3. thank you so much for including my christmas cards in your crafty holiday post! so many great items featured! i gave you a shout out on my facebook page :)

  4. Great selection! Thank you for sharing :)

  5. very cool list! i love the mixed tape pillow and pin stripe scarf. thanks for sharing and happy handmade holidays!

  6. I actually almost bought that owl necklace for myself a couple of weeks ago. It's so cute!

  7. Lovely picks! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great picks. Nice seeing a few of my favorites and some new favs, too!

  9. Ummmm loving the mix tape pillow! How cool!