Friday, October 29, 2010

Going Green???

Everywhere you look, there are articles and commercials and documentaries on going green... 101 ways to reduce your carbon footprint. I've always been interested in living a greener, cleaner life, but never knew where to start. Buying a hybrid vehicle, replacing all of the windows in my home and replacing my old school water heater with a tankless one sounds great, but I can not afford those ancy world saving improvemnets! I decided that I would start with something that is small, doable and that won't break the bank....

I am no longer buying bottled water!

Normally I buy a case of bottled water for home and bring a bottle to work everyday. On the days I'd forget to bring water, I'd buy one (or two) at work. Now I use my Brita filter to fill my Nalgene bottle everyday before going to work, and I drink filtered water at home instead of bottled water.

One small step for me.... one large step for the enviornment!!! (I know, I know it's corny.... )

So that's my little conribution for now... Not the biggest contribution, but I'm trying.

Next up.... Bringing my own shopping bags to the store. I've done it once so far. I felt so enviornmentally responsible!!! (is there such a thing as enviornmentally responsible?)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I created my Facebook Fan page today. If you follow me on twitter, you know that it was not without a few bumps in the road... but now it is finally complete.

I put a facebook "like" box on the side of the blog, so feel free to "like" me. :-)

Next up.... figuring out how to make a button that other people can take from this blog and put on their blog...

One day... hopefully soon, I will have tamed this social media beast. For now, I am proud of my self for not giving up and continuing to work on it, when what i really wanted to do was throw my computer through a window...


Saturday, October 16, 2010

I can post!!!

My blog has be a little out of whack lately... I couldn't post, or edit. It seems now though that eveything is fine.

I was even able to fix the "Blogs I like..." section. The buttons were all whack-a-doodle, and now they are in a straight line.... like little ducks in a row!


yellow songbird

I stumbled across the blog, Yellow Songbird about a month or so ago, and I immediately fell in love! Kim Davis (pictured left, in her own design), is the fabulous lady behind Yellow Songbird.... Her blog is fun to read, with great pictures, tutorials, artist/crafter features, items from her oh sweet joy shop (currently on hiatus) and tidbits about her life. Kim and her husband moved from the US to a tiny island, far, far away recently. She frequently updates her blog with photos of the island and snipitts on the interesting yet challenging aspects of island life. I am most amused by the tales of the scarcity of lettuce and cheese....

If you haven't checked out the blog... you should do so.... now. (well, after you finish reading this post)
oh sweet joy headband

oh sweet joy clutch

Here are a few random bits o' information about Kim...

Favorite Color- This is the one question I can answer without hesitation. Robin's Egg Blue. :)

Favorite Food - (she had 6 answers to this one... A girl after my own heart!)- Unhealthy// 3 way tie between :My Memaw's chicken fried steak and mashed potatos, mom's homeade fried tacos, anything I can load onto my tray at Rudy's BBQ. Healthy// 3way tie between: hard boiled eggs, spinach salad with walnuts, strawberries, feta and balsamic vinairgrette, aaand fruit. I love fruit. I know I'm a total cheater when I say three way tie on questions. I do it so thatI can give more than one answer. hello, indecisiveness.

Favorite City - I loved every second in Seattle, so I am going to go with that. So much good shopping, fresh seafood, culture, (rain), and life pouring out of that city! Not to mention, that Pike's market is just too much to handle . Beautiful flowers and flying fish? I'm in.

Favorite thing to make - I honestly love to make anything... food, crafts, clothing home decor, cupcakes, etc. i think it's in my DNA to create/make. However, I get the most gratification out of making clothing/apparel for myself... and when I see my designs on other people I get absolutely giddy.

Kim is doing a HUGE giveaway on her blog, right now (including a super cute giveaway from your truely!!!).... Scoot on over and enter them all!!! You have until Sunday night (10/17) to enter. The winner will be announced on the 18th!!!

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely weekend!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Shop Update!!!

I just listed three new bib and burps cloth sets in the shop!

Emiline Bib and Burp Cloth Set

Madison Bib and Burp Cloth Set

Melissa Bib and Burp Cloth Set

I hope you like them as much as I do!
Blog posts on working with my marketing guru, a giveaway, and my attempts at going green to come!