Friday, October 29, 2010

Going Green???

Everywhere you look, there are articles and commercials and documentaries on going green... 101 ways to reduce your carbon footprint. I've always been interested in living a greener, cleaner life, but never knew where to start. Buying a hybrid vehicle, replacing all of the windows in my home and replacing my old school water heater with a tankless one sounds great, but I can not afford those ancy world saving improvemnets! I decided that I would start with something that is small, doable and that won't break the bank....

I am no longer buying bottled water!

Normally I buy a case of bottled water for home and bring a bottle to work everyday. On the days I'd forget to bring water, I'd buy one (or two) at work. Now I use my Brita filter to fill my Nalgene bottle everyday before going to work, and I drink filtered water at home instead of bottled water.

One small step for me.... one large step for the enviornment!!! (I know, I know it's corny.... )

So that's my little conribution for now... Not the biggest contribution, but I'm trying.

Next up.... Bringing my own shopping bags to the store. I've done it once so far. I felt so enviornmentally responsible!!! (is there such a thing as enviornmentally responsible?)


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