Monday, December 14, 2009

WIP.... The "Hudson" Blanket and Rocket onesies!

This morning was quite a productive one. The little monters, a.k.a. Abby and Lola, went to the vet this morning. Abby hid under a chair the entire time. After leaving the vet, we all went though the drive through at the bank. Which freaked Abby out, prompting her to jump from the backseat to the tiny space under my legs.... you know, the space where the gas pedal is... and lay on the pedal. Thank goodness that as soon as she jumped over, I threw the car in park, so by the time she managed to wedge herself on the gas pedal, the car wasn't going to go anywhere. I immediately turned of the car flew open the door and coaxed her back into the backseat. After that adventure, I managed to make it home and start a few new things for the shop. One is an adorable blanket named for my best friends nephew, Hudson, the other is something I have never done before, appliqued onesies! The set will be a onesie and a matching burp cloth.

The blanket and matching bib are pinned inside out, the colors are much richer that pictured here. I am toying with adding a few washcloths to the onesie set, but haven't decided on that yet...

Tomorrow morning after yoga and a quick haircut, this will get finished a photographed (weather permitting). I am hoping to have them added to the shop by tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest.

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