Monday, December 7, 2009

Where to begin......

These past few months have been.... exhausting, draining, challenging..... all seem to be words that fit.

In August I put Paputsi, on a shelf, to focus on caring for my ultra-sweet ailing grandmother. I managed to create a few new things.... but not nearly what I would need to do in order to grow the business the way I would like to. I gladly shelved everything for Maw Maw. She was quite possibly the sweetest woman anyone has ever had the pleasure to meet. Two days before Thanksgiving, she passed away.

So now.... here I am after 4 months of not working, finding myself back in the studio. It has been a difficult transition to make. To go from spending all free time caring for a person who spent your formative years caring for you, to now having time on your hands again... has been challenging, to say the least. To help with the transition. I have decided to post my goals and current projects here. I will make myself accountable to all of you in blogland, with the hopes that it will help get me back on track.

Here goes.....

Everyday, I plan on creating something new... be it sewing, sketching, brainstorming.... something needs to be done EVERYDAY. (i figured if I put in all caps and italics I would be more inclined to do it... whatever works, right?) If I am gonna be bigger than Martha Stewart (yes, I aim high!) I gotta get to work!

Soooooo... what's next on the Paputsi list????

~ Finish the "Whales".

I have the cutest design, you ever did see, sitting on my craft table..... waiting.... they've been so patient. Everything is cut and pinned, just waiting to be sewn. Patiently, waiting. So tomorrow, they will get sewn, AND photographed (weather permitting).

~ Cowboy Blanket with navy minky back.

The cowboy blanket in the shop is so popular, I would like to offer another version of it. So far it looks like it'll be super cute...

~ Email photos for the "Etsy it Up" Giveaway.

Celeste at Etsy it Up has been kind enough to host a giveaway. We started planning this before Maw Maw got sick, and she has been so patient and kind, while I have been dealing with everything. Thank heaven for folks like her.

As I get things photographed, I'll post them... Hopefully, my new outlook will not only help to grow my business into something successful, but also something my Maw Maw would be proud of.

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