Friday, April 20, 2012

What I do....

This is one of the things that I do... Along with being a teacher, I am also the atlethic trainer for the school. Here I am attempting to make an injured athlete smile...

Football was by far my busiest season. In every game someone got hurt. There were old injuries to contend with as well as trying to prevent new ones. Players not only got hurt at games but also at practice. It's a crazy, tiring season.

But we're not in football season, we're in baseball season. During baseball season, I sit in the dugout, eat peanuts and cheer on the team. Mabye there's an abrasion or two, possibly a jammed finger. No concussions, no broken ankles or fingers, no dislocated shoulders. Not that those injuries can't happen... they most certainly can, but they're not typical with our team.

Today is a baseball game against a very tough team, and I'm sure our boys will give it their all. Hopefully no one gets hurt... and if they don't, I will enjoy sitting in the dugout, eating peanuts, cheering on the team.

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