Saturday, April 28, 2012

Adventures in procrastination

I have 3 huge projects due for UNO... in 3 days. HUGE projects. Final grade depends on the projects, projects.... so what do I do???


Which turned into this...

A cute little gift, that my wonderful God Mother asked me to make. "No Rush" she said, "I don't need it soon." And of course, since I have soooo much work to do for school, it makes perfect sense that I make the blanket right away and put off doing my projects...

Everybody does that right????

Just me???

Oh, ok...


1 comment:

  1. Hello! It was so cool seeing the gift that was given to our new baby on line. We loved the gift so much, until we wanted to see if we could get more items made by paputsi. You did an awsome job. My husband and I just wanted to personally thank you and your God mother for such a wounderful and unique gift! Ashanti & Timothy

    ( Contact us if you are available to make any more unique gifts!