Saturday, October 17, 2009

What a beautiful day!!!

Finally, the beautiful fall weather has arrived in New Orleans! Two days ago, it was so hot and humid, it was just miserable. I took the dogs for a walk and then gave them a bath in the backyard..... horrible to say the least! I was a sweaty mess by the time it was all done. I was tempted to turn the hose on myself to cool off. The dogs, however, loved it. The cool water was a nice break from the almost 90 degree heat.

So when I woke up yesterday to cool weather, I was beyond excited. I didn't even mind that it was overcast and drizziling.... Imagine my glee when I woke up today, and the sun was shining and a very cool breeze was blowing. I have never been so excited to put on a jacket. I even needed my heater on in the car during the drive to work. Barely controlling my excitment folks!!!

Of course I will be indoors for most of the day and a bit of tomorrow as well, tackling the mountain of sewing that needs to be done, but I don't mind a bit. I am planning on going for a run in the morning and then bouncing back and forth between my grandmother's house and the sewing room for the rest of the day.

The new items for fall are nearing completion. I hope to have them posted and listed in the Etsy shop by Monday... Tuesday, at the latest...

'till then..... I'm off to enjoy this wonderful weather!

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