Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New stuff!!

Well... I have been a wee bit busy these last two days trying to complete a wholesale order.... and while sewing away on that order I managed to make two new blankets to post to Etsy. One isn't exactly new, just never been photographed. The other is brand-spankin' new!
More new stuff to come soon....

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  1. Hey! Cute pic, your hair looks fabulous ;-) I really like the new close up pictures. You can see more of the detail and the fabric looks really plush and soft. I want to pet the screen, LOL. I would mix both styles because the old pics are cute too, they looked finished. So I think customers would appreciate both because you see the overall presentation in your old pics and you can see the fabric and sewing detail in the new ones. Keep up the great work, everyone loves their paputsi gifts that I've given!!